Customized Dot Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric


Customized Dot Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

The dot spunlace cloth has PVC protrusions on the surface of the spunlace cloth, which has a anti-slip effect. It is usually used in products that require anti-slip.

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Dot spunlace is a type of nonwoven fabric that is made by entangling synthetic fibers with water jets and then applying a pattern of small dots onto the fabric surface. These dots can provide certain functionalities such as anti-slip, improved surface texture, enhanced liquid absorption, or increased strength in specific areas. Dot spunlace fabrics are commonly used in various applications including bag linings, pocket cloths, carpet base cloths, cushions, floor mats, sofa cushions, hygiene products, medical supplies, filtration media, and wipes.

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Use of dot spunlace

Hygiene products:
Dot spunlace is widely used in the manufacturing of hygiene products such as baby diapers, adult incontinence products, feminine sanitary napkins, and wipes. The dot pattern enhances the fabric's liquid absorption capability, making it suitable for these applications.

Medical supplies:
Dot spunlace fabrics find applications in the medical field for products like surgical gowns, drapes, wound dressings, and surgical masks. The dot pattern can provide improved strength and durability to these medical textiles, ensuring better protection and comfort for the patients.

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Dot Spunlace Fabric (2)

Filtration media:
Dot spunlace fabrics are used as filtration media in air and liquid filtration systems. The dot pattern enhances the fabric's filtering efficiency, allowing it to efficiently trap and remove particles and contaminants from the air or liquid streams.

Cleaning and industrial wipes:
Dot spunlace fabrics are preferred for industrial cleaning wipes due to their excellent absorbency and strength. The dot pattern helps to distribute the cleaning solution evenly on the wipe surface, enhancing its cleaning performance.

Apparel and fashion:
Dot spunlace fabrics are also used in the apparel and fashion industry for applications like sportswear, lining materials, and decorative textiles. The dot pattern adds a unique texture to the fabric surface, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the garments.

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