Apertured spunlaces as a jacquard fabric are created by a pattern of holes and are the most common disposable cleansing material. The spunlace is made by polyester fiber, polyester/viscose blends.

Industrail Wipes

Using polyester as raw material, processed by a special spunlace process, it has a soft hand feel, not scratch the surface of precision instruments and flat plates, has good uniformity, no fluff, and has a low amount of dust. It is a ideal material for industrial wiping. This spunlace fabric is mainly made of modified polyester fiber, polyester viscose blend. YDL nonwovens supply: plain spunlace, apertured spunlace, white/raw-white spunlace.

industrail cleansing3
Civil Cleansing3

Civil Cleansing / Lens Wiping Cloth

Spunlace cloth can be used as lens cleaning cloth. Because the spunlace fabric itself has a three-dimensional hole structure, it is easy to absorb fine dust. This kind of spunlace fabric is usually made of polyester fiber, polyester/wood pulp blends. YDL nonwovens provides: plain spunlace, apertured spunlace, white/raw-white spunlace.

Application Advantage

Spunlace fabric is often used as a disposable wiping material, apertured spunlace can absorb larger particles, and the three-dimensional holes structure of the spunlace fabric can absorb fine particles.
The spunlace fabric produced by YDL nonwovens has good uniformity and good adsorption performance, which is a good wiping material.

Post time: Aug-22-2023