Customized Polyester/Viscose Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric


Customized Polyester/Viscose Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

PET/VIS blends (polyester/viscose blends) spunlace fabric are blended by a certain proportion of polyester fibers and viscose fibers. Usually it can be used to produce wet wipes, soft towels, dish washing cloth and other products.

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Polyester viscose spunlace is a type of nonwoven fabric made by blending polyester and viscose fibers together using a spunlacing process. The common blending ratio of PET/VIS blends spunlace is like 80% PES/20%VIS, 70% PES/30%VIS, 50% PES/50%VIS, etc. The polyester fibers provide strength and durability to the fabric, while the viscose fibers add softness and absorbency. The spunlacing process involves entangling the fibers together using high-pressure water jets, creating a fabric with a smooth surface and excellent drape. This fabric is commonly used in various applications, including wipes, medical products, filtration, and apparel.

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Some common uses include

Medical products:
The fabric's nonwoven structure and ability to retain liquids make it suitable for use in medical products like surgical gowns, drapes, and disposable bed sheets. It provides a barrier against fluids and helps maintain hygiene in healthcare settings.

Polyester viscose spunlace fabric is widely used in the production of disposable wipes, such as baby wipes, facial wipes, and cleaning wipes. The fabric's softness, absorbency, and strength make it an ideal choice for these purposes.

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Polyester viscose spunlace fabric is utilized in air and liquid filtration systems. Its high tensile strength and fine fibers make it effective in capturing particles and preventing their passage through the filter media.

This fabric can also be used in clothing, especially lightweight and breathable garments like shirts, dresses, and lingerie. The blend of polyester and viscose fibers provides comfort, moisture management, and durability.

Home textiles:
Polyester viscose spunlace fabric finds applications in home textiles like tablecloths, napkins, and curtains. It offers a soft feel, easy-care properties, and resistance to wrinkling, making it suitable for daily use.

Agricultural & industrial:
The spunlace has good water absorption and water retention and is suitable to seedling absorbent fabric spunlace.

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