Agriculture and Industry


Agriculture and Industry

Spunlace cloth can be used as sunshade tarpaulin, which has the functions of sunshade, UV resistance and flame retardant. Spunlace cloth can also be used in agriculture, as a water-retaining seedling bag, it has a good water-absorbing and water-retaining effect.

Anti-Uv Sun Shades Cloth

The spunlace cloth has good strength. By coating PVC adhesive on it, a sunshade tarpaulin can be made, and the tarpaulin can also have anti-UV and flame-retardant functions. YDL supply: plain spunlace, white/off-white spunlace, dyed spunlace, anti-UV spunlace, flame retardant spunlace.

sun shade3
seedling absorbent bag1

Seedling Absorbent Fabric

Spunlace cloth has good water absorption and water retention functions, and can be used for nursery bags. YDL nonwovens supply: plain spunlace, aperture spunlace, white/off-white spunlace, water absoption spunlace.

Glass Fiber Composite Felt

Glass fiber composite felt offers several advantages over other materials. It has high strength and stiffness, excellent thermal and chemical resistance, and good dimensional stability. It is also lightweight and easy to fabricate into different shapes and sizes. YDL supply: plain spunlace, white/off-white spunlace, dyed spunlace, flame retardant spunlace.

Agriculture and Industry

Application Advantage

The sunshade cloth of Yongdeli non-woven fabric has the characteristics of good anti-ultraviolet fastness and good durability. Super absorbent material is added to the nursery bag, which has excellent water absorption and water retention.

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